RTS Refrigeration Test Software



What it does

  • Acquires data from hardware
  • Shows real time data to operators
  • Runs test scripts to take data and auto start/stop tests
  • Generates reports

Client-server architecture

  • One computer captures data for many test stands
  • Any user on the network can access real time data

Dynamic scanning of inputs

  • Ethernet-based IO provides speed and flexible locations
  • Real-time filtering of all measured values
  • Product state automatically determined
  • Operators can assign ‘friendly’ names to inputs

Lean Savings

  • Fully automatic calibration of each test stand
  • Test procedure can control room setpoints
  • Tests automatically restarted based on events
  • Test data can be reprocessed by the system to correct issues

Easily customized

  • VBA-like Scripting language test procedures
  • No programming experience required to make script changes
  • Operator-selected test views

Powerful data manipulation

  • Model look-up files allow one model to be used for many products tested
  • Test result report formatting using Microsoft Excel
  • Databases for calibration and test procedure maintenance.
  • Test results are stored in three forms;
  •   Comma separated values (.CSV),
  •   Text (.TXT)
  •   Database file attachments with ODBC support for SQL server,  Oracle and Access