Automated Calibration



We understand that calibration is a costly and time-consuming process.

We provide calibration tools that automate the process and product an IEC/UL-compliant report.

Press one button to perform these calibrations:

Power Calibration

  • Plug in the load unit to the test station and press start
  • Electrical parameters measured by a Yokogawa WT3000
  • Electrical parameters calibrated at 2 points and then verified at a low and high value to insure linearity

TC Calibration

  • Attach the TC cal panel to the station and press start
  • Temperature parameters sourced by a Fluke 5520 or Ectron 1140A
  • Temperature calibrated at 2 points and checked at 3 points to insure linearity

Volt, Amp, Wattage Calibration Report