LabSys – All in one Lab Management Software



The universal solution for R&D labs.

LabSys provides an easy solution for workflow, work request management, inventory, and test result data in a simple user interface.

LabSys organizes everything in our lab for us – starting with testing all the way to the results and reports at the end.

Work Requests management system

User friendly, easy to use system for Engineers and technicians to request work from the lab and manage work request completion.

Track and print labels for Inventory Units

LabSys provides filtering and tracking for Inventory units. Print labels easily and keep track of inventory unit locations.

Manage Calibration devices and find out what’s due next

Calibration is complicated – LabSys organizes your equipment and calibration history into an flexible platform available for users to quickly see status and dates of calibration equipment.

At Hooks & Associates, we pride ourselves in customization and quick issue resolution.

A purchase of LabSys for your company means we will assist with training, customization and help until all users are comfortable and confident in the system.