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About Us

Over 70 years of Combined Experience in Lab Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Hooks & Associates, Inc. provides

Design services

System integration

Various products for unique projects requiring data acquisition and control.


A majority of systems today require a combination of hardware, electrical, and software to provide a solution.
Hooks & Associates is a supplier of special equipment and services for a wide range of applications.
Design services can be provided for mechanical, electrical, and software.
Hooks & Associates can also provide machine work, mechanical/electrical fabrication, and programming services.

Projects include:

  • Psychrometric Chambers
  • Refrigeration test systems
  • Small engine test stands
  • Production pump test stands
  • Battery testing
  • Training support
  • Voice communication systems
  • Various other systems that are needed by the process, manufacturing, development and testing industries.

Success at Hooks & Associates has been based upon responsiveness to customer and market needs in manufacturing and industrial data acquisition, communications, record keeping and reporting. ┬áToday, Hooks & Associates’ commitment to the market continues, with an active R&D effort designed to develop products, test systems, and services that meet or exceed requirements, today and in the future.